For your convenience and ease of use, we have developed a fully automated online portal service, where you can book, cancel or modify your appointments 24/7. Simply choose your service and pick a desired date/time. If you're booking your visit for the first time or unsure about the services, please call/email us.


Cancellation Policy

Please note that, the appointments which are cancelled, missed or rescheduled within a 24 hour notice period will incur the full charge of the service. Late cancellations and ‘no-shows’ disrupt the conscientious and prompt service we aspire to provide to all our guests, which is why, as a courtesy to other guests and staff these charges exist.

Book your free 20-minutes consultation

Choosing a therapist is an important decision for whatever treatment you are seeking. You need someone you can both trust and get along with. That is why you are invited to a free 20-minute consultation. This will give you the opportunity to decide whether I am the right acupuncturist or sports therapist for you and whether acupuncture, manual therapy, or a combination of both (or, indeed, a completely different therapy) would be the most appropriate in your case. In instances where I'm not able to help you, I would refer you to the relevant respected practitioner/therapy where you could benefit from the best course of care.  Simply call or book your free consultation below.